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Community Information

School Information
Murfreesboro City Schools
Rutherford County School Board
Rutherford County Schools Student Zoning
Tennessee Schools Homepage
Tennessee Schools Directory
Davidson County Schools Student Zoning
Maury County Schools Student Zoning
Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools Student Zoning
Sumner County Schools Student Zoning
Williamson County Schools Student Zoning
Wilson County Schools Student Zoning
School Info - Rutherford Chamber website
Middle Tennessee State University

Community Links
Murfreesboro City Schools
Rutherford County Schools
Daily News Journal
Chamber of Commerce
Murfreesboro Athletic Club
Discovery Home
Boys & Girls Club
Stones River Battlefield
Oaklands House Museum
Sam Davis Home
Cannonsburgh Village
Discovery Center
Rutherford County Courthouse
The Heritage Center
Main Street
Miller Coliseum
Center for the Arts
Nissan Plant
Geographic Center of TN
Fortress Rosecrans
 Livestock Center
 Bradley Academy
 Indian Hills Golf Club
 Old Fort Golf Club
 Cedar Crest Golf Course
 Stones River Country Club
 Veteran?s Administration Golf Course
 Smyrna Golf Course

Important Phone Numbers
~ Rutherford County

 Register of Deeds             (615) 898-7870       
 Property Assessor             (615) 898-7750       
 Trustee Department             (615) 898-7705       
 Health Department / 
Environmental             (615) 898-7891       
 Planning Commission             (615) 898-7730       
 Building Codes             (615) 898-7734       
 County Engineer             (615) 898-7732       
 Middle Tennessee Electric 
            (615) 893-7570       
 United Cities Gas             (615) 893-5544       
 Consolidated Utility District             (615) 893-7225       

~ Murfreesboro 
 Building & Codes Department             (615) 893-3750       
 City Hall             (615) 893-5210       
 Planning Department             (615) 893-6441       
 Tax Department             (615) 893-5210       
 Engineering Department             (615) 893-6441       
 Electric Department             (615) 893-5514       
 Water & Sewer Department             (615) 890-0862